Wetpour Repair

The maintenance of playground equipment and Wetpour Repair is key to eliminating any safety risks in public areas and schools. This is especially true for wet pour safety surfaces where regular inspections of the surface and the surrounding areas should be carried out to identify any issues with the surface. This includes any damage, shrinkage or rips that can create trip hazards which could cause harm to the children and adults using the area.

One of the benefits of wet pour surfacing is that it is easy to repair and can be done so with a minimum of fuss. A professional installer can complete a repair without the need to rip up the existing safety flooring and it can be set and ready for use in an incredibly quick time.

The Environmental Benefits of Wetpour Repair

This process of repairing the wetpour is known as a ‘recap’. It involves cutting back the existing rubber surfacing at the perimeter of the play area, priming the existing edge and then applying a new wearing course. This can be the original colour of the rubber or a contrasting option to give an attractive design finish to the area. The new wear layer is then graded back to the existing edging so it is flush with this, minimizing any potential trip hazard.

Wetpour shrinkage can be a common issue with wet pour safety surfacing and this is especially noticeable around the perimeter of the play area or within any day joints. It is a problem caused by the wetpour shrinking and taking some of the compacted stone base with it leaving a gap. This can lead to trip hazards and should be repaired as soon as any damage is spotted.

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