Student Housing in Berlin

Berlin Student Housing

Berlin Student Housing is filled with top amenities like a lounge space, study area, gaming rooms, fitted kitchen and free wifi. Students can browse through various properties on UniAcco and pick the one that fits their needs perfectly. Holders of a housing entitlement certificate (Wohnberechtigungsschein/ WBS) may be eligible for affordable social housing in Berlin.

Finding a suitable apartment is an important first step for international students in Berlin. However, as the city experiences a housing crisis affecting longstanding locals and workers, finding a suitable flat is not always easy. This is especially true for students, who are a welcome addition to the population but bring little money with them. Those who find a place to live do so either through luck, good connections or a lot of persistence and patience.

Student Living in the Heart of Germany: Exploring Berlin’s Housing Options

A common option for international students is to rent a room in a Wohngemeinschaft. This is one of Germany’s main types of student accommodation and offers many benefits, such as an instant set of friends or a great launchpad to the rest of the city.

WGs can be found on Facebook groups or university sites where students post vacancies & arrange meetings. They are also available on a rental platform called Nestpick, which is particularly convenient for international students as it allows them to scan the entire market in one go. Students who are looking for a flat or WG outside of these channels should be aware of scams & fraud. They should always ask for a deposit before making any payments, check references & be wary of contacting people who are not in the country.

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