Custom Size Canvas Prints

custom size canvas prints

Whether you want to blow up your family portraits, add a photo collage to your wall, or create a focal point with a large landscape canvas print, custom size canvas prints are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit your space. These prints are also lightweight, making them easy to hang. They come with sawtooth brackets, which make it simple to secure them to the wall. You can also purchase additional hangers for added stability.

To find the right size for your canvas, start by determining its ratio. Canvas sizes use ratios, which refer to the way each side of an image relates to the other. For example, a square image has a ratio of 1:1, which means that all sides match up perfectly. Using ratios will help you avoid cropping images or making them too small or too big.

Crafting Personalized Spaces: The Allure of Custom Size Canvas Prints

There are a few different services that offer custom-sized canvas prints. Great Big Canvas is an excellent choice, providing a dedicated online assistant and a unique UVB laminate for extra protection. Their service is quick and convenient, and they offer a good selection of frames to complement your image.

Elephant Stock is another great option for custom canvas prints, with an impressive database of stock images and a user-friendly interface. Their price structure is slightly more expensive than some other companies, but they do provide a lot of value in return.

In addition to printing large canvas prints, many companies also offer a range of additional products and services. These include framed canvas prints, gallery wraps, and stretched canvas prints. Canvases that aren’t framed can be shipped rolled, allowing you to stretch them at home, or to have a local framing shop do it for you. They can also be bought without a frame, which is ideal for displaying photos that have already been framed.